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Prior to launching Heinrich LLC, Chad led state government affairs in 22 states for University of Phoenix. Leveraging teams in these states, Heinrich crafted and deployed relationship-building and policy-development strategies to advocate for and defeat legislation that had the potential to impact the company.

Heinrich led the public affairs and economic development teams for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce prior to his role at the University of Phoenix.

Early in his career, while serving as Deputy Secretary of State in South Dakota, Chad was recognized as one of only 40 promising state leaders in the country through a fellowship with the Council of State Governments.

Heinrich lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Sarah.


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About the company

The company's principal, Chad Heinrich, is a public affairs professional with over 17 years of experience.  With Heinrich LLC as your public affairs partner, you will have the value of relationships and experience for direct lobbying at the state and local level, combined with the ability to execute multi-state public affairs strategies.